Crystal Kohli in Core 4

Meditation is a world of relaxation.

When I did meditation we first took deep breaths, next we sat up straight, then we closed our eyes, and last we started to let everything in our minds erase which made us relax. We also had a candle on the smart board to help us concentrate to relax.

It felt cool but weird at the same time because of all the people in the room doing it. It was pretty awesome because first it let us have time to be calm and not worry about so much we need to do, then the story that my teacher told us about the garden and finally we got to sleep to waves going down our body. I really think I would try it again. Meditating is very fun in a calm silent way.

Meditation- silent, calm surrounding while breathing deeply.

Mantra- a word you say in meditation like ohm, Aum and ah.

Deep Breathing- waiting two seconds then breath out, then back in and repeat.

Aum and ohm helps meditate and your reaction could be ah. Om is in the Devanagari language. Wave sounds are apart of relaxing.

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