Famous Last Words

Tackk by: Grayson Gouldman                                          Original wording: Rhett and Link

Uh,  it says rat poison. Not human poison

Hey lets do that thing where you drive the car and I jump over it.

Sure, I'll babysit your chimpanzee.

I figured out a great way to heat the tent. We just hook the car's exhaust up to it.

Why wouldn't you be able to mix Ammonia and Bleach?

We didn't have to wear seat belts when I was a kid.

We didn't have to wear helmets when I was a kid.

We didn't have to cook pork to 160 degrees when I was a kid.

The fire extinguisher's empty. GET THE HAIRSPRAY!

Sharks don't attack people in T-shirts.

Lets play real life Frogger!(jumps into intersection)

This is the deep end, right?

(in bathtub) Hey can you pass me the hairdryer.

Life jacket, Shmife Packet.

No, don't apply pressure to the wound. Just fan it.

No that's not a coral snake, that's a king snake.(reaches for snake)

I don't think I'm allergic to rabies.

Cliff diving without water is a lot safer. There's no way you can drown!

If I drink this I'll glow. It's Science.(drinks test tube)

Whatever sign, I'll yield when I want to yield.

How could I possibly catch on fire, MY BODY IS 70% WATER.

No doctor, don't wash your hands. I don't want my insides to smell like soap.

Wow, form up on this metallic structure, you can really see the lightning!

When you leave Chinese food out a few months, it really brings out the flavor.

If you snort mayonnaise, it's less calories.

Why pay twenty dollars for a haircut, when I have a perfectly good chainsaw right here.

I don't have time to wait for the elevator. I'll just jump it.

If I don't get bitten by this spider how will I ever get superpowers?

If I don't jump into the radioactive waste how will I ever get superpowers?

My toast won't come out,  bring me a fork. And poor some water me, it's hot in front of this toaster.

If we cover ourselves in steak, the wolves will think we're dead cows and leave us alone.

Why else would they call them parachute pants?

Of course I can fly, I'm wearing a cape.

Quick, we gotta get this dynamite to the explosion factory.

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2 years ago

this is hilarious

2 years ago

😂 😂 😂

2 years ago

He plagerized! SUE HIM! jk

2 years ago

@maximilianmunoz ok im on it

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2 years ago

My dad

2 years ago

grayson you have to put a disclaimer

2 years ago

technicaly he did say that the original wording was from rhett and link put a link to their youtubes as well grayson

2 years ago

🇺🇸 Merica

2 years ago

Good Mythical Morning is the best