The real story

Dear worker of fairy tale offices,

The story you published about me and my brothers is completely wrong. e true story is if you read on, in this very letter. It all started when Practical was in the mall. He bought a hoover, a new rug, a fully furnished brick house and 2 fully furnished wood houses for Fiddler and I. He sent us the keys. Fifer decided he wanted straw wallpaper, while I still wanted wood, i checked the weather, it was supposed to be really heavy rain and lightning. then Mr wolf stopped outside my door. he said “i know you're in there, come on you know you owe me that pound you spent at the vending machine” then i looked down at his feet they were filthy. “i won't let you in by the hair of my chiny chin chin” i said “then put the note through the letterbox “o OK” i said. crash, a massive bolt of lightning hit the house, it started to burn! i zoomed out my backdoor and drove to fifers house. Mr wolf jogged. i entered fifers house “Mr wolf” i said “what” said fifer and then Mr wolf came.”i know you're in there come on just hand it over” then fifer saw his feet “its dirty” said fifer “let me in” said the wolf

“not by the hair of my chinny chin chin” said fifer and i. crash another bolt of lightning hit the house. we ran out the back door and drove to practicals house. we bolted into his house the moment we got in Mr wolf arrived “i know you're in there” said Mr wolf we all looked down at his feet they were as dirty as ever “no not the carpet” said practical “let me in” said Mr wolf

“not by the hairs of our chinny chin chins” a bolt of lightning came out of nowhere and hit Mr wolf. “ is he dead” said practical “no just knocked out” i said then we spotted what was in Mr wolfs pocket. they were wolf bites, the most delicious tasty potato snacks in the world they were wolf shaped hash browns with a secret recipe,we boiled them just to get rid of germs because Mr wolf had been running through soggy mud the whole time. then the police came they arrested us for knocking out Mr wolf even though we did nothing and sentenced us to a week in the petting zoo. that week was the worst week of my life we only were allowed to eat vegetables and babies patted us every second. this is why it was so unfair this is why i wish to you to publish the story of what really happened, Walter has already made a mini cartoon from it i have asked him so many times to put the real story in the film but he just said that all Disney movies should be made from books that children hear as bedtime stories and it is your fault that this story was published anyway.

kind regards fiddler.

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