Sports Fans Rely on Fancloud for the Latest News on Teams and Players

About Fancloud

A business that capitalizes on new social media technology, Fancloud uses Twitter to provide a valuable source of news to sports fans. Fancloud sorts through as many as 150,000 tweets a day, finding those with important breaking news and categorizing them so that fans are saved the tedium of keeping track of the latest developments related to the sports, teams, and players that interest them. In this way, Fancloud serves as a virtual sports bar, where fans can go for inside information ranging from injuries to trade rumors.

Fancloud currently collects the tweets of more than 2,500 sports writers. While some of these writers are prominent sports commentators and have a national audience, others are local beat reporters who have the advantage of being able to cultivate intimate relationships with particular teams. These reporters often attend practices, travel with the team, and become close to players and coaches, allowing them to tweet new developments as soon as they become news. Before Twitter and Fancloud, it would have been difficult for most sports fans to connect with local reporters. Using Fancloud, they can now stay abreast of even the smallest developments in their favorite sports.

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