Fancy Bodum Kettle

Boiling water is not a problem when you have the right kettle. Especially if you have the innovative Bodum kettle. Its sleek and compact design makes a perfect addition to every kitchen. With this kettle you will be able to boil water fast and easy.

Within seconds you will have enough warm water to make your coffee or tea. That’s perfect if you take into consideration the fact that we lead a busy lifestyle. Once you try it, you will no longer be able to live without your Bodum kettle. Thanks to its anti-boil dry technology, you will no longer need to stand next to your kettle. Quite the opposite. Once the kettle reaches the right boiling point, it will turn off automatically.

This amazing kitchen appliance is made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel material that is designed to last for many years. In order to make a statement, choose the color that matches with the color of your kitchen!