A yearly tradition for all fangirls/boys

Every year on February 15th, many fangirls/boys write #fandompocalypse on their arm in green marker. This is to show how no matter how different our fandoms are, we are united. No matter if one's on hiatus, we will be there for them. A time to show that we are not alone!

The Rules:

1) You have to wear something that has to do with your fandom(s). Let it be cosplay or just a T-Shirt with a design involving your fandom.

2) You must, must, MUST do this! This is the most important thing! You have to take a green marker and write "#fandompocalypse" on your left arm. This way, other fangirls/boys will know you're participating!

3) Whenever you see someone with the hashtag, you have to go up to them, show your arm, hug them, and ask what fandom they're a part of. They should do the same to you if they're loyal to their fandoms. :P

You don't need to be in a specific or even common fandom. I really hope whoever is reading this will participate. Unless you don't have a fandom. Then you shouldn't be reading this. CALLING ALL FANGIRLS AND FANBOYS!!!

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