Brighthon Beach Memoirs

This book was made by Nial Simon's

In the United States the Great Depression started soon after the stock market crash in October 1929. In the next year consumer spending and investment dropped, raising unemployment as failing companies laid off workers. In 1933 over 13 to 15 million American's were unemployed, and nearly half of the country banks have failed.President Franklin D. Roosevelt helped lessen the effect from the Great Depression in the 1930's. The economy would not fully recover until after 1939 when WW 2 begins.

College tuition in the 1930's

College tuition cost $250, in the 1930's. the dorm's cost

Stan's apology letter

Dear Mr.Stroheim,

well here is my letter of apology. I was raised knowing to stand up to my principles. My father raised me to stand up for what i believe in. I believe what you did to Andrew was wrong.the reason i thought it was wrong of you to make Andrew pay for all those hat's was wrong. He didnt know that the linseed oil was over the table. Its not like he did it intentionally. I understand that if he did it intentionally he would have to pay for it. i understand what i did was rude of me and unnecessary i just didnt like what you did. I understand it wasnt mature of me. My apologies Mr.Stroheim. Mr.Stroheim, please forgive me. May you please give me my job back, ill do anything to get my job back. Please Mr.Strpheim, i am truly very sorry.                 

Broadway Show

The broadway show i researched is called Chicago.

The cost: $49.50

Chicago is the longest show that has been

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