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Marine Ecosystem

Biotic Factors

Abiotic Factors

Carrying Capacity
is the maximum population of a biological species in the environment.To survive they need food and shelter.

It changes because it depends of how much it gets or how much shelter it has.If a dolphin doesn't get a lot of shelter if it doesn't a whale can come and eat it.

Limiting Factors
A factor present in an environment that controls a process, particularly the growth, abundance or distribution of a population of organism in an ecosystem.Temperature, light and nutrients can be some of the limiting factors.

If the temperature of the sea is to high it can end up killing them.

Energy Roles
Producers-thing that produce their own food Seaweed can be an example of one.It gets its energy from the sun.

Herbivores-its an animal that only eats plants.An example could be a giraffe.Its gets its energy from eating and sleeping.

Omnivores-an animal that eats both plants and animals.Chickens could be an example.They get their energy from other animals.

Carnivores-animals that only eat meat.An example could be a leopard.they get their energy from a lot of animals.

Decomposers-an organism that decompose organic material,Bacteria can be an example of one.

Scavengers-is both a carnivorous and a herbivorous feeding behavior in which the scavenger feeds on dead animal and plant material present in its habitat.An example could be a dingo.

Producers are important because they are the main source, consumers get there food out of them.For example the seaweed can be the producer and a dolphin can be the consumer.

Food Chains and Food Webs
A food web consists of all the different food chains in a particular ecosystem, better presenting the relationship of each living thing to another within that ecosystem.

If we remove the shrimp then the population of the lantern fish will decrease because it will have nothing to eat, sense they decreased the tuna population will also decrease and so will the sharks.

An energy pyramid’s shape shows how the amount of useful energy that enters each level.

The producers are on the bottom because they are the main ones where the consumers get their food.

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