A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Tyler Farrar
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Mountain Dew: Come Alive
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Tyler Farrar

Mountain Dew: Come Alive

Mountain Dew had released a commercial before the Super Bowl called "Come Alive".

The 2015 Super Bowl pre game commercial, argues with the audience to why you should buy the "Kickstart" drink. Mountain Dew mainly relies on pathos and logos to pressure its targeted audience to try the new Kick start drink

I first asked myself, "Why is this commercial so effective?", it made me want to watch it again, and again. Watching it once you wouldn't be able to process every single thing going on in it. I found things after the third and fourth time watching it I had not seen in the first couple times. It made me interested, not necessarily wanting to buy the drink, but to repeat watching it because of the style of humor it used. So why does this commercial make you want to buy this drink? Because you like the commercial, and with a bad commercial, you aren't going to want to buy a product. The creator of the Mountain Dew: Come Alive commercial, used pathos, logos, and ethos, to paint a bigger picture out of what was just a 2 minute broadcast. It had represented their company, and with that, they needed to perfect the commercial to the targeted audience.

The audience targeted from this commercial, is very broad. Guys are more of the targeted audience because of the video games being played, and all the things guys would have in a man cave. It also appeals to anyone who liked to laugh at stupid little things like an animated cross walk sign, each black stick figure thrusting their bodies at each other. Who would have thought of a dancing hockey player on top of a trophy, or a fish tank scuba diver figurine humping the water like there's no tomorrow. Whoever thought of it, did a good job of being creative and drawing in the targeted audience.

Mountain Dew uses pathos, by a slow start with not a lot of sound, sped up by the beat and tone of the music. The three mid 20's characters, we're all sitting on a couch, playing video games in the basement of a house. The one that stuck out to me was the big fat guy sitting in the recliner, who looked like the owner of the house, or possibly the son of the parents who he lived with. All seemed pretty boring, until the character grabbed the Kickstart. Once they started drinking it they felt a need to start dancing with the music that had started to play. As if they felt something running through there body encouraging them to roll with the tone of the music. Not much needs to be said to get the point across that the drink works, and the music and actions of all the characters told you why it works through the energy that was brought into the commercial after being consumed.

Logos is used indirectly at first. The energy brought into the characters from the drink. Which is an exaggeration statement that this drink will make you feel wonderful. It didn't give a price for the energy it had produced when drank. They did not want you to think if the cost of the drink, just how much fun you can have after consumed.

Mountain Dew is a respected company, they have major sponsors in many sporting events, teams, and video games. With this they add the point to further establish the idea that “you can trust us since we know what young people need to like.

The strengths are the creative ideas to be able to configure one one minute commercial add, and be able to get the point across. Along with that, all the humor it had created to make you laugh with each individual action going on besides the main three characters. The weakness, was the stupidity in some of it. I found moments that were extremely funny, and some that weren't at all. It wouldn't apply to a lot of other audiences, like older people, or girls that have no interest in the boy-like activities. Unless you are a guy, some of it didn't seem very funny because it's stupid humor. This commercial makes you pay attention to why they are encouraging to buy the drink, and for the most part, you are drawn to watching it, which is an effective commercial tactic. Pathos, logos and ethos was a major factor in why this commercial was successful, not only just to target the correct audience, but to have the viewers be persuaded and interested in why the Kickstart is the right drink to buy.

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