Robert Herrick

"Know when to speak - for many times it brings danger,to give the best advice to kings"

Bid me to love and i will give a loving heart to thee -Robert Herrick

Robert Herrick an artist born in 1591 and was the 7th child and forth son born in the Herrick family.His farther committed suicide when he was 14 months old and his Mother never remarried,So this caused him to grow up under his uncle's supper vision of being the man in his life. He went to school and completed her education at St johns college Cambridge  and University of Cambridge. His mom is the main way Herrick's life influenced his work was in enabling him to stay out of trouble and keep writing jolly little tunes about how nice life is.

Robert Herrick was the type of artist that wrote about death and how you should live your life and love he pretty much free versed most of his poems.Herrick wrote elegies, satires, epigrams, love songs to imaginary mistresses, marriage songs, complimentary verse to friends and patrons, and celebrations of rustic and ecclesiastical festivals.its perfection of form and style. Frequently light, worldly, and hedonistic, and making few pretensions to intellectual profundity, it yet covers a wide range of subjects and emotions, ranging from lyrics inspired by rural life to wistful evocations of life and love’s evanescence and fleeting beauty.

This poem talks about how you should feel when discussing life . When you do something in life make sure you do it and do it with no regrets. And when you do regret the feelings are horrible and a lot of thinking as regret is compared to a dying rose or an already dead rose if you just let it get to you.

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