Fast Dining and Faster Customer Service Response

Since fast casual dining is the largest and fastest growing sector of the restaurant industry the competition can be fierce and unrelenting. Customers become loyal to brands for a variety of reasons which include price, quality, and customer experience. All diners have basic needs and expectations when it comes to customer service in a dining establishment.

Employees also have their own individual needs and expectations from their fast casual dining employer and these are often parallel to those of the customer. Owners must understand how to coordinate values and service in a way that appeals to both customers and employees. ServiceCheck offers a convenient package which includes EmployeeLink and addresses both sets of clients for a successfully operational business.

Basic Customer Expectations

Fast casual guest feedback is very important for single locations as well as franchises because it gives businesses an opportunity to learn about their business from the perspective of an actual customer instead of a focus group. Customers should be actively encouraged to give feedback and should promptly be given a meaningful response. Having customer service agents available 24 hours a day gives fast casual dining operators the most opportunity to respond to guest needs in a timely manner, which could mean the difference between retaining a customer or losing them.

Basic Employee Expectations

Business owners in any genre are wise to treat their employees like partners and customers. Offering benefits, bonuses, and morale boosters are typical ways that managers and owners keep employees motivated. When situations arise that cannot be readily addressed within a restaurant. Staff members depend on an employee hotline to offer feedback or comments. In much the same way that fast casual guest feedback can enhance a business, employee hotline comments can also determine what changes could be implemented to make the atmosphere more pleasant for customers and employees alike.

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