Top Ten Fastest Animals in the World

Here are the top ten fastest animals in the world.

10.  Elk

These cool beasts are both large and fast. Similar to the deer.

9. Brown Hare

These little guys are faster than you think. They are much faster than your average rabbit.

8. Thompson's Gazelle

These gazelles are very fast. Most gazelles are fast though, but these are definitely faster and more interesting than other gazelles.

7.  African Lion

They can chase down their prey at 50 miles per hour! This makes these felines very dangerous animals on the plains.

6. Blue Wildebeest

These are very impressive animals at about 50 miles per hour.

5. Pronghorn Antelope

These are very fast animals, and can easily outrun most predators.

4. Cheetah

The fastest land animal in the world. The cheetah can easily catch prey with their fast speed, but they can only keep it up for short periods of time.

3. Sail Fish

The fastest sea animal in the world. This fish has a nose, similar to a swordfish.  

2. Frigate Bird

These birds can go for up to 95 miles per hour in flight without touching down for weeks!

But this bird is still not the fastest. The fastest animal in the world is.....

1. Peregrine Falcon

With a top speed of 200 miles per hour, this bird is a fearsome predator, and the fastest animal in the world.