My Favorite Things About Ohio University

If you are a student at Ohio University, chances are you think of it as more than your college. The pride and spirit that OU students have while attending and on past graduation is something that I've seen in no other current students or alumni at any other school. To be a Bobcat is to have a special bond with those who are also Bobcats. Ohio University becomes more than just a school; it becomes your home. I thought I'd take the time to outline some of my favorite things about this university and Athens in general.

School Spirit

We're not called the Best Fans In The Mac for nothing! I doesn't matter if it's a game day or just a normal day on campus, if you walk around you are guaranteed to see people decked out in OU gear. People from Ohio University love to rep their school in anyway they can and it's apparent from the moment you step on campus.


From the roads, to the sidewalks, to the foundations of the many academic buildings, bricks are everywhere on OU's campus. They're even in apartments, houses, and other off-campus buildings. Sometimes if you look closely enough, you'll see Athens, OH or Athens Block printed on them. This shows how much the idea of bricks is engrained into our school and town image. Tip: It's a tradition around campus to steal an Athens Block to keep for yourself. Don't get caught by the police though!

E.W. Scripps School of Journalism

Being a Strategic Communication major, I spend a lot of my time in Scripps Hall. This is the home of the Journalism school at Ohio University. Jschool students at OU love to show pride for their major as we're ranked in the top 10 journalism programs in the country. It's a privilege to be able to call yourself a Scripps Kid, and it's something that I take a lot of pride in.

Court St.

Ah, Court Street. If you've ever been to Athens, then it's absolutely guaranteed that you've been on Court Street at least sometime during your visit. From the mom & pop shops, to the original Athens eateries, to the famous bars, there's something for everyone on this main road on OU's campus. This brick-lined street is an icon that represents exactly what Athens is.

Fest Season

Spring semester at OU means one thing: Fest Season. Starting after spring break, there is a block party every saturday afternoon until the end of the semester. Mill Street, Palmer Street, and High Street are the three main streets of off-campus housing that participate in the block parties. Athens is also home to The Number Fest every year, an all-day music festival that brings famous rap and EDM artists that in typically brings in over 20,000 attendees. Attending these fests decked out in your best Bobcat gear is something that OU students definitely do best.