This was created using in fulfillment of the Keystone Project requirements of course EDTR 606 in the M.S.I.T. Program at New York Institute of Technology.

Lisa A. Morris
The Professional Explainer

I am the Professional Explainer.    I spend my days (and some nights) thinking up the best ways to ... make plain or clear; render understandable or intelligible ... make known in detail ... explain how to do something ... assign a meaning to ... interpret .. make clear the cause or reason of ...  all sorts of topics and information for corporations, non-profits, small businesses and schools.   I've worked in each of these settings as an employee:  a car dealership, a realtor, an international accounting firm, two universities and a high school.   Regardless of the size of the entity, its service, its product or its culture, they all have a need to educate within the enterprise to train its staff, and, outside the enterprise to win over  and educate customers regarding their product or service.   I design, implement and present learning opportunities to accomplish that in a meaningful, effective and efficient manner.  Let me explain to you how ....

Relevant Education:

M.S. Instructional Technology from the New York Institute of Technology, May 2016, anticipated

M.A. Liberal Studies, with concentrations in education and history from Stony Brook University, 2005

Sample Projects

A Blog about blogging prepared for the social media team of a manufacturer / retailer

Social Media Tools presentation prepared for a Travel Agency

Virtual Tour / Resume prepared for an Instructional Designer (yes, it is me, but still ...)

Course Overview

This 5 part module in The Sky's the Limit's workshop series titled Best Social Media Tools for Small Business Owners introduces, trains on and provides real world guidance for the use of free web-based tools to create visual content to market to and engage potential and existing customers. The 5 part module will benefit both established and aspiring small business owners.      

Each learning module is designed to take approximately 2 hours to complete and is comprised of (1) preparation or pre-work (2) introduction of the tool (3) hands on use of the tool (4) presentation of final product to other participants and (5) providing and accepting feedback from classmates.  How deep a dive the business owners take into their existing practices and goals, the ease with which they adapt to new tools and, how many visual products they chose to create will lead to some variety in the amount of time each module will take to complete.

Recognizing that small business owners are frequently engrossed in running their business and their time is at a premium, the lessons in this module of the Best Social Media Tools for Small Business Owners will be delivered remotely and on-line.   Where a lesson includes a live session delivered via Webex, it will be recorded in order that participants may attend the live session or view the recording at his/her convenience.    This module also features a group chat via in which the business owners may pose questions to the instructor and classmates, solicit feedback and generally discuss the course content.

Links to the 5 lesson plans appear at the bottom of this page.

Course Goals

  1. Introduce small business owners to a variety of social media tools for use in creating visual content relevant to their business and their customers.
  2. Provide strategies to integrate visual content into marketing and customer engagement plans.

The Learners

Individuals to whom The Sky's the Limit markets its The Best Social Media Tools for Small Business Owners workshops, as the title suggests, are small business owners. Participants will be both male and female and will span a variety of ages.  While adult learners are generally internally motivated and self-directed, goal and relevancy oriented,  it is expected this will be especially evident in a learning cohort of small business owners who have enrolled in this series / workshop.  Beyond what we know of adult learners, due to their entreprenurial nature we may expect them to be particularly motivated to learn and implement new tools and strategies if they are shown to be practical and relevant to the business goals.  

Students will be expected to have a computer, laptop or other mobile device and a working internet connection,  as well as a working knowledge of (1) different file types including text, image, video; (2) typing, cutting and pasting text; (3) the ability to perform an internet search and evaluate resulting information and; (5) creating hyperlinks in email or other documents (preferred, but not required)  It is not required that the business owners have significant experience using social media tools, however, they should have a personal or professional presence on at least one networking channel (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest). When necessary and appropriate, lessons or portions thereof, will be differentiated in order to address the potential variety in the prior experience with social media tools among the business owners and how far along they are in establishing a marketing and/or social media plan.