Theme Connection Project

By: Allison Reece and Avery Phillips

The short story that we chose was "There Will Come Soft Rains" and the song that relates to it is "In the Year 2525".

In the song, "In the Year 2525," the artist uses foreshadowing to warn people of the dangers that the future may hold due to the overuse of technology.


"Sooner or later, it seems, robots will have staged a takeover not only of our workplaces, and streets, but also of our homes. What then?"

In the short story, song, and article, it is evident that technology is growing more powerful as our world advances. Machines are expected to takeover and do what humans were able to originally do themselves. In "There Will Come Soft Rains," the house continues on functioning even without the human there to control it. This shows that soon machines will no longer need our help and they will be capable of performing tasks on their own. In the song, "In the Year 2525," technology has consumed the world and ultimately, humanity is no longer needed. The article then talks about machines taking the place of people's jobs. This means that more people will become unemployed and once again, technology has more control over man. All of these writings have the same theme, technology will soon rule the world if it is not monitored or controlled.

The society in Fahrenheit 451 lack knowledge and intelligence. With the censorship of books, people have a limit of intellectual freedom. Technology plays a key role in 451, and Mildred sets a perfect example of the dangers of technology taking over. She obsesses over the television parlors and acts as though the actors play a huge role in her life. Montag asks "Will you turn the parlor off?" and Mildred claims, "That's my family" (Bradbury 46). The song, "In the Year 2525" the outlook of the future includes advance machines taking over the jobs humans once had. The article relates to this because it explains the danger of robots taking over humans jobs and ways to prevent this from occurring. The excessive use of technology can lead to something that might be unfortunate for some people who need jobs and money.

"It’s not books you need, it’s some of the things that once were it books ... The same infinite detail and awareness could be projected through radios and televisors, but are not." (Bradbury 78).

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