Optimal Health

By Megan Black


There is a difference in food in the U.S to UK. The U.S has experimented with different foods and UK has just stuck with their own traditional foods. When you look around UK you see quite a few people eating fried fish or something like that, not that much experimenting with food, but when you look around America you can see so much food you just want to eat all of it at once. That is what has happened to many people in the U.S, they ate too much food and became obese. When you look at the picture below, you can see that the U.S is home to the biggest amount of obese people in the world. I'm not blaming the Americans though, because if you look to the right the UK is home to the third biggest population of obese people in the world.

I got this picture from: http://images.tackk.com/mio/9862677/ybbn5727/large


When you look at the picture above you can see that the way to put this is that, America=A and England=E. There is a way to describe this equation and that is by demonstrating it through an inequality:
A is bigger than E = A E = 31% is bigger than 24%

This shows what food you should eat.
Nobody should be eating the below food every day (like some people!!)

Many people in the US are eating food like this:

If you looked through the slideshow then you will see that there are some kids that can get addicted to junk food and they moan and moan and moan until they get what they want, and as parents (as most people know) just get them what they want so they will shut up. But that hasn't turned out very well over in America. This chart shows how many kids in the Us aged 2-19, are obese.

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