Why Buildings Stand Up?

Architecture Through Time

Architecture itself was born just after the human race discovered agriculture, which gave them a reason to stay in one place more than a couple of weeks. Before that, humans were exposed to bad weather and natural disasters, our ancestors had barely anything to protect themselves, but all of that changed when humans started to be sedentary. They were in need of more protection.

But what's fascinating is that Architecture has change only a little bit since then. If we analyze this, the main task of Architecture is to satisfy human's needs. And those needs haven't changed, not significantly at least.

We still eat pretty much the same kind of foods, we cook food just as much as they used to, we still sleep on comfy flat surfaces, we try to protect ourselves from bad weather. That's why Architecture is considerated one of the most conservative of the existing arts, the blame is in the unchanging needs of man.

Whoever, Architecture had changed, may be not on its essence but on its quantity and quality, thanks to the overpopulation. We started to build taller and taller buildings.

Andrea Ramos López ||  Group 2  ||  15/02/15  || Comprehension of Documents of Architecture in English  ||  César Augusto Covarrubias Flores

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