FB Post Engine Review

Is it powerful?

FB Post Engine Overview

FB Post Engine is really a new internet creation that has been launched on August 22 2013 by Abe Storey, the developer of FB Post Engine.

Today, I introduce you an internet product review which is a WordPress plugin named FB Post Engine by Abe Storey who claims "this launch will revolutionize the Facebook marketing game, for offline, online and anything in between".. This plugin makes it very easy for Facebook posts to go viral. As you know, the Facebook user needs to comment on the post for them to get what the want such as their posts are easy to go viral and get more traffic. It also separates the passionate users in your niche from the rest.

FB Post Engine Overview

Creator: Abraham Storey

Product name: FB Post Engine

Product Niche: Wordpress Plugin

Official Website: http://fbpostengine.com

Launch Date: 2013-08-22 at 1:00 pm EST

FB Post Engine is a brand new WordPress plugin which makes it very easy for Facebook posts to go viral. The Facebook user comment on your post with the selected they will automaticly receive a Facebook notification.

With all the changes that Google make on an almost weekly basis, social sharing is something that you must be doing with your websites, you need to make it easy for people to share your content with others on social media platforms such as Facebook.

How do you use the FB Post Engine?

Here’s how it works in a step by step basis:

You set up the plugin on your website and intergrate it with facebook.

After you have set it up, a Facebook user finds one of the posts you have activated FB Post Engine on.

The user clicks on a link in the post to go to your website and “connect” with Facebook.

After they do that, if the Facebook user comments on your post with the selected word (buy, gimme, want, etc) they will automatically receive a Facebook notification.

When they click the notification it will take them to your selected affiliate offer, optin form, or any page you’d like.

In addition to that, an automatic post is made on the users behalf promoting whatever you would like.

Benefits of FB Post Engine

FB Post Engine can easily be set up and implemented with Facebook to create leads for the user.  The FB Post Engine plugin is installed on the owner’s website and integrated with Facebook.  If a Facebook viewer finds a post that has been activated with FB Post Engine, the person will then click on a link in the post to go to the owner’s website and connect with Facebook.  If the person comments on the owner’s post with certain selected “trigger” words, they will then receive a Facebook notification.  When they click on the notification, it will take them to the owner’s pre-selected opt-in page, affiliate page, or any other page that the owner wants to promote.

The primary advantage or benefit of the FB Post Engine plugin:

Your posts go viral

Get more traffic

Good Facebook marketing plan

Cost is $27 and then and upsell for $47,

Yes, you can buy it at anytime you want but this chance doesn’t come twice.Why? Because after this prelaunch you will have to spend more money if you want to get the FB Post Engine product.

People who download FB Post Engine through this below link will receive a gift of over $2000. (View bonus details here)

Why do you still hesitate over your choice?

FB Post Engine comes with 100% money back guarantee. It means that you have no risk give it a try, right?

The last good new is that we will offer you a huge bonus package worth over $2000

So do you think FB Post Engine is worthy of your time and money? What are you waiting for?