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Help Struggling Students Develop Writing Skills

Prewriting and drafting are two of the most important skills for students to develop when learning the writing process.


The writing process involves three major phases—prewriting, drafting, and reviewing. Although struggling students have difficulty across the phases, initially generating ideas for writing and then reworking those ideas into a draft can be a major challenge. Teachers can support students through prewriting and drafting by combining strong practices and technology tools.

Instructional Strategies and Tools

Help your students succeed by focusing on instructional strategies and tools for Prewriting and Drafting.


TIP: Prewriting includes choosing a topic and identifying a purpose and an audience. Your guidance gives struggling writers the direction they need to begin generating ideas.


TIP: During the drafting stage, students expand the ideas they generated during prewriting into a working rough copy by organizing their writing. Since the writing process is fluid, students may choose to change earlier decisions about purpose, audience, and genre. Differentiated instruction and use of technology tools are important to address different learning styles.

Classroom Examples

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