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Ithaca, New York

Campus History and Origin

Cornell College was founded in 1853 by George Bryant Bowman. He was passionate about education and therefor making him create this higher form of college. It was Originally known as the Iowa Conference Seminary, but was later renamed in 1857 after Ezra Cornell. Cornell is known to have a low acceptance rate of only 16% this last year. About 53,000 applied in 2013 and only 3,369 were accepted into Cornell.

Admission Requirements

They demand for you to send your Final Grades straight from your High School. You also are required to take an SAT and two ACT subject tests that relate to your major. There are no required scores, but you do have to be actively involved in your community.

Element of Student Life

One element of student life would be Dragon Day. This is such a celebrated event in Cornell because the Architecture students build a dragon and set it on fire.

Costs and Tuitions

For one semester at Cornell the cost is $24,440 and for a full year it's $48,880. If I were to be a resident of New York then it would be two-thirds of that.

Cornell Fight Song

My Career Description

                          Description & Duties

An Anesthesiologist is generally who cares for a patient before, during and immediately following a surgical or medical procedure by administering appropriate anesthesia. They also Explain the Process so the patient knows what to expect. Anesthesiologist also have to manage the pain after the procedure to make sure the patients is comfortable and stable.


The demand for Anesthesiologists is very high. Due to the many procedures and people today, this career is a very busy one and is likely to be needed very often,


Anesthesiologists are some of the highest-paid physician specialists in the field of medicine. Salaries can vary greatly by geographic region, type of facility, number of years in practice and sub-specialty. Anesthesiologists earn, on average, a salary of approximately $300,000 annually, and can expect to earn upwards of $450,000 with experience. Many anesthesiologists receive a bonus in addition to salary, and anesthesiologists working in specific areas such as cardiology or pediatrics are paid at a premium.

Job Requirements

Degree Plan


Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is without any reservation that I write this letter of recommendation for Saul S. Martinez to be accepted in Cornell University. Mr. Martinez is beyond compare one of my best students in my class of medicine. Mr. Martinez has all the qualities that the colleges want he’s brilliant, efficient, athletic and has a heart that is beyond generous.

He is the most outstanding student he is always on top of his work he. When Mr. Martinez is done with his projects/homework he begins working on the projects for the next week. The most surprising thing is that he can keep up with all his work while being an outstanding athlete. Mr. Martinez is in the varsity tennis team but yet he still has time to practice, do his home work and volunteer in the Sierra Providence Hospital. He takes his career path seriously he try to get as close to possible to the field of medicine. It would be rather an inadequate choice if you deny his admission.

Mr. Martinez can take any challenge thrown at him therefore making him one of the best student that is applying to Cornell University. Hopefully I hear from him when he is accepted and becoming one of the best students in the field of medicine.If you would like to discuss Mr. Martinez further, you may contacts me at , or via phone (915)569-2300.

Best Regards,

Alejandro Mendoza

Health science department

AP Medicine

El Dorado High School

11789 Quail Ln.



Persuasive Essay

Ever since I was a little kid I was taught to work hard every day, because all it takes is one day where you can miss an opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve been taught to persevere even through hard and tough times. I deserve to attend this University because of my hard working and perseverance through hard times because I want to be successful in my life and line of business.

Certainly I am one of the hardest workers in the US, because no one has ever wanted to be more successful than myself. If you are a hard worker then you are not just born with it. Instead you are raised to be great in what you do. I am undoubtedly one of the best candidates for your school and I am humbled to be even offered, but I promise I will not disappoint you if I am admitted into this prestigious school. To be even considered through this process is extremely gratifying and makes me to even work harder to achieve my excellence in line of work. Above all I will do the best I can and I will give it my best effort to become successful and one of the best doctors in the world. I have the best qualities for the field I want to go into and I would really be humbled to just be at your University knowing the traditions.

Additionally, I persevere through challenging work and never give up on a problem. With this ability I am able to succeed to even the toughest of assignments, because I was taught to never give up when times are tough. I was born a house where failing is not allowed and succeeding is the only option to live. Succeeding in my house is the only way to be the best. My dad always said, “ Your dreams will never come true unless you learn from your bad times and build on your successful times.” With the ability to persevere you can achieve any of your goals and be able to accomplish your dreams. Well this college is my dream and i will accomplish it.

In summary, the abilities I have will drive me far on my journey to success. The question is will this college be in my success plan? Or will another college have the opportunity to have the world's best doctor attend their college?

Covet Letter

Alejandro Mendoza

Care Clinic

11897 Saint Clarks Ln

July 19, 2015

Dear Julian,

I am applying for the position of College Student Medical 1 in response to our meeting in the career center office at Cornell University.

As I mentioned before I am currently pursuing my Doctorate in Health. I am currently working on real projects such as transplants, and bone replacements. I will like to obtain more experience outside of transplants, and bone replacements so I can be more well rounded. This opportunity to become a well diversified doctor will help my journey to greatness. This project will help my name get out there more to become more well known and trusted by people. As I began my real projects i have gained knowledge, although it came along with great challenges, I learned to become a problem solver when times are tough.

I noticed that the Health Systems have been a need for the US because we have been challenged as an economy by diseases attacking our people. I believe I am the best candidate for your Internship due to my knowledge and background skills of tending to patients before. Your internship will help me in the Medical Field by helping me become known by other doctors.

Thank you for your consideration, I am humbled to be offered this Internship. Thank you for picking me to at least apply for this Internship.


Saul Martinez

6996 Blue Ivy ln

(555) 867-5309

(879) 674-3478

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