Stuck In The Past
By: Billy Tester

I wake to the sound of thousands of people marching, tanks, and other military vehicles. I hear voices around me in a strange but familiar language. I look down I am tied to a chair, hands and legs bound. On the far wall there is a giant swastika. I am wearing an American uniform, my badge says Private First Class. At this time one of the men notices I am awake. He swiftly comes over and hits me in the head with the butt of his gun. He is yelling at me in the unfamilar language, that i believe to be german now. It almost sounds as if he is demanding answers to unknown questions. It all hits me now, the tanks, the swastika, the military uniforms. This is World War 2, and I'm a prisoner of war!

I sat in that same room for over a week, i lost track of time after eight days. They fed me only enough to keep me alive, and continued beating me and demanding answers. On the seventh day they brought in an English translator. I learned they were asking me where the U.S. was hiding their supplies that they were going to use in the attack of Berlin. I told them I didn't know, I couldn't remember anything. Soon after that I awoke to a large bang and a lot of shooting. I see people with uniforms familiar to mine, they are American too. After they took care of the Nazi guards, they untied me.

They said they were the 12th. Armored Marine Division. I told them I couldn't remember anything, and asked them what I was doing here. They informed me that I was an american spy highly wanted by the Nazis. My job was to send messages to the army from behind enemy lines. They figured my memory must have been messed up from a big explosion I had suffered from a few weeks earlier when i went MIA. Though I couldn't recall any explosion, or any knowledge of being a spy. I tried to explain this to them, but they assured me I was a spy so I went on with it. I continued out my mission delivering the secret messages to the General. This helped the U.S. to take Berlin, and eventually win the war.  I'll have to adapt to the time after the war because I don't think I will ever make it back home to the present.

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