The Telephone-1876

By: Hannah Heller

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the first telephone which was made on March, 10, 1876. The Telephone was the first bi-directional transmission of clear speech that was actually successful. The telephone had a large impact on society, it made business more efficient and also saved time and money of traveling back and forth from places to communicate with others. Without the telephone, if you wanted to contact someone you would have to go to their house and if they lived far away that wouldn't be so

The Typewriter-1873

The typewriter was invented by Christopher Sholes in 1783 and impacted society greatly. Like many other inventions, the typewriter sped up the life of the average American and allowed for a new way of communication. The typewriter influenced the way documents were presented, and by making the writing process  more time efficient the typewriter was a great advancement in technology.

The Phonograph-1877

Thomas Edison

The phonograph made life easier because you didn't have to go somewhere to hear music be performed you could be i your home and listen to a piece of music be played. It also now didn't matter if the person died because their music would have been recorded to play in the phonograph.

The Lightbulb-1879

Thomas Edison

The lightbulb impacted society greatly for obvious reasons one being it made it easier to see when it was dark. It allowed workers to work at night instead of only during daylight hours and it also made productivity of items increase due to longer hours. Without the lightbulb life would be different than it is today.

The Dishwasher-1886

The dishwasher was created in 1886by Josephine Cochrane and once it was invented it saved everyone a lot of time. With the dishwasher women did not have to hand wash every dish they could just set it in the dishwasher and save a lot of time for other jobs. The dishwasher changed society because of the  time it saved.

The Automatic Lubricator-1872

Elijah McCoy

The automatic lubricator for steam engines was invented by Elijah McCoy in 1872. This invention impacted society my saving time for factory workers because they didn't have to take the time for lubricating the machine, it was done automatically.

Gasoline powered automobile-1893

Charles and Frank Duryea

The first automobile impacted society greatly, it was invented by Charles and Frank Duryea. It saved travel time and if you owned your own car you could travel anywhere at anytime. This saved time for many people also because you didn't have to wait for a train.

First Handheld camera-1888

George Eastman

The first hand held camera, invented by George Eastman impacted society in a positive way. It allowed people to document what goes on in there life and since it was created we now know more about that time period by looking at pictures taken. The first hand held camera was more of a want than a neccesity.

The Airplane-1903

The Wright Brothers

The First airplane impacted society in a positive way because it could get flyers to a destination faster. By creating the airplane transportation was sped up and they also went on to play a big part in world war one. The airplane was invented by the Wright brothers and even though it could only fly a short distance it impacted society greatly.

The Ice Machine-1851

Thaddeus Lowe

The first ice machine invented by Thaddeus Lowe helped society because users of it could easily receive ice for whatever they needed and they didn't have to wait for the ice to form because the machine would keep ice cold. The ice machine wasn't a huge advancement in technology but it did go on to be a part in the invention of the first fridge.

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