By Jayda Andersen

  • To take care of people and make them healthy .To make them happy and find out what's wrong so I could fix it. Honest and trustworthy willing to work with everyone . Knowledgeable to know what they are doing so they aren't mess up . Be then on time and not slack off.
  • Good with people and willing to be available. Good at math and reading. Good in school and go to college and learn a lot . Good with finances and money .
  • If one of my producers failed i could go back and do the surgery over again. If the patient is really sick and you don't know what to do you can ask other people to help you so you don't mess up but you keep trying. If you were a student doctor you could learn and try to do those things that you are learn even in it is hard.
  • Because if there heart is failing or something you can keep trying to bring it back to a beat. Maybe if they are puking you can give them medicine to make them stop. You could be in a surgery and you can' t find the cancer so you keep looking. You never give up.
  • So you can learn new surgery and procedures . So if a patient came in and you had a fixed mindset you wouldn't know what to do be they might have a whole different illness then you would have learned. So you always need to keep learning.

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