Memorial Day at the Celestial Spirits Ranch

It began when I reached the Wilkerson Pass and the snow-capped Front Range came into view.  Behind me in this selfie:

The cabin is windblown but still in place.  And it has not been visited by pack rats over the winter.  Wally was excited to run and sniff, then run and sniff some more.  We had passed antelope and buffalo on the way to the ranch but our land was free of roving herds.

It was a beautiful morning to reflect on the special meaning of this holiday, on the vastness of nature and the healing that comes with the passage of time.  I was keenly aware that Jacqueline is in Asia to launch a book of letters written during the Vietnam War, half from her father to her mother and her and half from a North Vietnamese soldier to his wife and daughter--the two daughters now bound together by bonds of friendship and the shared authorship of a book.  

Oh yes, I traveled to Fairplay on the way home to get Dorothy's tamales for Sam.

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3 years ago

How close to Fairplay are you? Our John's Vaquero mountain house is closest to Como and Fairplay is closest hardware/grocery... Terrain VERY similar on the forty acres he and Sonali own... Longhorn cattle across their dirt road on a ranch... we also see pronghorns nearby, etc... Their other house in Louisville is 10 minutes south of Boulder, but Vaquero one is "off the grid", in sense it has wind turbine, solar and photo voltaic power, and only a wood stove and couple of propane ones if below freezing... Happy 17th Birthday to Sam!