information about the elephant

Elephants are a family of placental mammals of the order Proboscidea. Formerly classified along with other thick skinned animals in order, now invalid, of pachyderms (Pachydermata). There are now three species and several subspecies. Among the extinct genera of this family include the mammoths.Elephants are the largest land animals that exist actualmente.1 The gestation period is 22 months, the longest in any land animal. Birth weight is usually 120 kg. Normally live 50-70 years, but old records documenting maximum ages of 82 years.2 The largest elephant that has been hunted for on record, weighed about 11,000 kg (Angola, 1956) 3, reaching a height on the cross of 3.96 m, a meter higher than the African elephant elephant average.4 smaller, about the size of a calf or a large pig, is a prehistoric species that existed on the island of Crete, Elephas creticus, during Pleistoceno.5With a brain of 5 kg, the brain of the elephant is the largest land animals. Are attributed to a variety of behaviors associated with intelligence as grief, altruism, adoption, play, use of tools, compassion and autorreconocimiento.7 6 Elephants can be on par with other intelligent species as cetáceos8 and some primates. 9 the largest areas in the brain are responsible for hearing, taste and mobility.

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