Favorite Logos 4/09/15

Nick Kienholz

1. Rolex 2. Polo 3. Bugatti 4. Starbucks 5. Nike

I like Nike because most of my shoes I have are Nike and some of my clothes are from Nike. I became a fan of Nike when I bought my first pair of Nike shoes the air max. I choose Starbucks over Caribou because Starbucks isn't that expensive for a coffee. And in my opinion I think Starbucks tastes better.

What do popular logos have in common? What makes them memorable?

If you were to make a logo for yourself, what would it be?

Question 1: 33% of the top brand’s logos use the color blue. 95% of the top brand’s logos use one or two colors. 93% of the logos are simple enough to be viewable in smaller sizes. Blue is a commonly used business color because it’s been shown to convey trust and professionalism. Red is often associated with intensity, passion and strength…and has the benefit of being one of the more eye catching colors.

Question 2: If I were to create a logo it would be NK and it would be a clothing/jewelry design. My colors for my logo would be red and black because those are my two favorite colors.

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