Engineering Towers
Alyssa Miller
Period 4

Session 1

In Session 1 I drew three thumbnail sketches for my tower. Then I decided on the one that  wanted, and the one that I thought would be the strongest. Then, I began transferring my design to a full size pattern.  

Session 2

In Session 2 I learned about load and how it is related to the structure. I also finished transferring my design onto the paper. And finally I learned the difference between the roles of an engineer and an architect.

Session 3

In Session 3 I built one side of my tower. And I also learned about the forces that act upon structures.

Session 4

In Session 4 I learned how to strengthen the design of my structure. I also continued building the other sides of my tower.

Session 5

In Session 5 I Learned how towers are used to strenghtn other structures. I also continued building the side panels of my tower.

Session 6

In Session 6 I completed all of the sides of my tower. I also put all of the sides of my tower all together to make a complete tower.

Session 7

In Session 7 I had to make sure that i had completed everything on my tower. Then i had to weigh my tower to make sure that it is able to be tested.

Engineering Towers Jobs

A job that is related to Engineering Towers is a Structural Tower Engineer. A structural tower engineer is somebody that makes sure the structure is sturdy. If not then they are able to fix it in order for it to support the other building or whatever is being built with the tower.A structural tower engineer has to be able to realize when a structure, like a bridge or a building, is not sturdy so it will be safe for people to be inside of it.