Major trends in Laos. Some of the major trends that has been going on in the French culture of Laos are pretty much farming. Obsessed with agriculture. Most of Laos are rice, coffee, bean and banana farmers. There really is not much trends that go on, They have carried the same religion and traditional ways of there lifestyle (Farming).

The music trends are mainly pop. It’s not your regular North American pop music as it is very much like K-pop or J-pop. There is not much world wide recognition of many trends as they are not many trendsetters in Laos.
Laos made a change for the better with the introduction of communism in 1975. With correct communism in place and not communism that turns in to a dictatorship ie: China and North Korea. With communism working well, the economy boosted and changed the thinking of the entire nation. The thinking went from a monarchical: a king, to communism: everybody is “equal” and makes the same and gets the same. Sports trends in Laos are mostly soccer with the Lao soccer league in place. Soccer is the most popular sport as it has the largest stadium in Laos, The New Laos National Stadium. There is also kickboxing in many rings around Laos as it is the most popular fighting sport in Laos. The fashion is Laos is exactly like it is here. But the traditional ware varies a lot from what old clothing was like here. The traditional clothing for women is called a Sinh. The Mien men or traditional suit is a simple outfit and is usually dark blue or black. Both jacket and pants are baggy showing their Chinese origin

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When Laos hosted the Southeast Asian Games it was a way for Laos to enter a bit into the globalized world. They also export wood products, coffee, electricity, tin, copper, gold and cassava to countries all over the world. They also import machinery and equipment, vehicles and fuel from all over the world. They use mainly cargo ships and airplanes to transport there goods. When mopeds were first shown in Laos they were a big hit. They are cheap, inexpensive and quick to get you from place to place in a small country. They aren’t safe though and the drivers are very aggressive which leads to a high vehicle accident rate 125 cars for every 100,000 cars sold (one of the highest in Asia). Communication has stayed primitive with a lot of radios still in place in villages across Asia although basic cell phones are starting to make there way in to the Laotian market place and well make it easier for people form villages in Laos to get and do things online with things and people all over the world.

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Laos has not affected Atlantic Canada in many ways other than a few immigrants such as my dad (Sounthon). Most of the Lao community has blended in with the Vietnamese community here there is a larger Lao community in Toronto but it isn’t very big a tall (100-150 people). There is a store called Tien Phat on the Bedford highway. The Lao community here has no significant impact in Atlantic Canada because there is probably only a handful.   

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