Identity Theft and how to avoid it.

  1. Identity Theft-the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person's private identifying information, usually for financial gain.
  2. How do you avoid identity theft? Keep your financial records and security card numbers in a safe place take mail out of your mailbox and soon as possible, and shred papers that have your personal information on them don't just throw them away.
  3. Recovering from identity theft! First you need to call a credit reporting company, then you need to place a fraud alert, and finally you create a identity theft report.
  4. How to avoid a scan against immigrants. Never pay for government forms from the U.S forms are free. Never sign a form that is blank or has false information on it. Keep a copy of every document you turn in.
  5. Job Scams?! Job scams are when somebody offers you a fake job. And they offer you  a lot of money for working at home. You avoid job scams by never dealing with anyone who promises you a job. (no one can promise you a job) Do not pay in advance for a job even if its says money back guaranteed. Most important do not work for someone who makes you act fast about the job.
  6. Money wiring scams! money wiring scams are when you are sending money to somebody far away. You can spot a money scam by never wiring money to somebody you don't know, and never wire money to somebody has contacted you even if you think you know them or not. this person might even say they are related to you because they could be lying.

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