Week of February 4th, 2015

It's Been Icy Out Lately... Be Careful.

We have a new Director!

Please join us in welcoming Richard Berman as our new Director of Career Exploration & Development here at Denison! Richard has previously led 4 career centers of 4 other liberal arts institutions: Oberlin College, Kalamazoo College, Beloit College, and Carleton College. In his time at Oberlin, Richard co-authored a proposal for a $150,000 external grant to support students employed by unpaid internships. Furthermore, Richard is already familiar with Denison, as his son David graduated as a Big Red student in 2005!

Ask A Fellow!

Have a career-related question that needs answering? Email us at with the subject line "Ask a Fellow" to receive advice. Your question could be featured in a future newsletter!

Quick-Advising Hours Have Been Extended

Quick-advising hours have now been extended to run for 4 hours on Wednesdays, from 2PM to 6PM. They will continue to begin at 2PM and run until 4PM on other weekdays. Come in with any questions or concerns and our Professional Development Fellows or other members of the staff will be happy to see you!

Internship Spotlight:
Charlie Vinopal, NASDAQ

In the coming weeks, our CE&D office will be spotlighting recent internships taken by Denison students. We hope the answers they provide can help educate fellow students on the endeavors of their fellow students, how the liberal arts education can transfer into the workplace, and how to navigate the professional world. Our first spotlight is Charlie Vinopal ('16), who accepted an internship in Corporate Communications with NASDAQ this past summer! Here is our interview:

What were your day-to-day responsibilities?

I was a part of the Corporate Communications team at NASDAQ so I helped mainly with public relations and marketing. I assisted in providing research, communications and support for the team. One of my main tasks as a communications intern was the research and development of business briefings on current and target companies and individuals. I made use of resources like the Factiva database and ShadowTV to create media roundups on companies affiliated with NASDAQ. I also partnered on the design of an info graphic reflecting comments made by the NASDAQ CEO, Bob Greifeld.

What was one of the highlights of your internship? Any specifically exciting days?

The first floor of my office was the TV studio where all the Initial Public Offering (IPO) ceremonies were filmed, so I got to meet some really cool people during the opening and closing bells. The CEO of GoPro was a really interesting guy, so it was fun to meet him and watch his TV interviews the day of the GoPro IPO.

What did you learn?                                                                                                     

My internship with NASDAQ was my first foray into the working world and I learned a lot about how to operate in a real corporate environment. Because of the tasks I was asked to do, I also learned a good deal about the research and compilation of important information. Before last summer I had never been to New York City before, so I learned a ton about the city which was a blast.

Did your liberal arts education contribute to your ability to excel in your internship? In what way?

Absolutely. On a daily basis I was completing tasks not unlike the ones I am asked to complete in the classroom at Denison. Reading, writing, thinking critically and getting my work in on time. I worked on a fairly small team so I was held accountable for the work that I did which obviously has some parallels to how we operate in the classroom as liberal arts students.

What are your hopes or plans for the future?

I found that I really enjoyed the public relations aspect of my job last summer the most. Ultimately I'd like to either work at a PR firm or, if I'm lucky enough, in Corporate Communications for a professional sports team (the Cubs would be a dream come true).

Any advice for the internship seekers of Denison?

Make use of DULink!

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