Japanese Dynasties
Yamato Clan and Heian Period

The Yamato Clan did not have a set emperor because they all ran things together. The Yamato Clan were not the government, in fact they were against the government. The Yamato Clan had most authority over the citizens because the Yamato were a ethnic group that many people obeyed because the didn't have another choice. The man that was said to have started the Clan was the Grandson of the Sun Goddess. The Yamato Clan called themselves "the Emperors of Japan" because they basically ran the country.

The Heian Period was a period where many people started to worship Buddhism and Taoism in Japan. The Capital of the Heian Period was Heihan, Japan. The Heian Period was all about love and beauty, since the Heian was a time of ease and luxury. In the Heian Period a lot of special art, poetry, and literature came out. All of this new art came out because that is when it was first discovered in Japan.

A Heian Samurai