Anatomy and Physiology, Volume 5

Welcome to the 5th newsletter for Anatomy and Physiology at CHS.  This six weeks we are studying the immune and endocrine system and working on reviewing concepts from the year to connect all the systems together.  

To Vaccinate or Not?

Our first area of study this six weeks involved vaccines and the immune system.  We learned how our immune system worked to fight infection, how quickly germs spread through the environment, and how we can better protect ourselves and prevent illness.  Students developed tutorials to help children understand the importance of vaccines and designed a lab to demonstrate how to protect yourself against disease.   Check out our class portfolio to see learner examples of tutorials, PSA's, and infographics.

International School Meals Day

We had the opportunity to help the Texas Department of Agriculture with a project they were working on for International School Meals Day.  We discussed American school foods with Rosmini College in New Zealand and learned how our diets compare.  We asked them about breakfast burritos, which they had never heard of, but were very interested in trying if they could find tortillas! :) Students were surprised to find out that families in New Zealand only go out to dinner for special occasions, like birthdays or holidays.  We also discovered that they eat fast food far less often than we do and play multiple sports, as opposed to focusing on one.  

iBot Presentation

Our guest speaker this six weeks was Gary Lawson, Past Chairman of America's Huey 091 Foundation. Mr. Lawson brought the iBot to CHS for our students to observe and discussed how he got involved in using technology to help wounded or disabled American veterans.  Students had the opportunity to ask questions and see the iBot up close and personal.  His presentation was inspiring and encouraged our students to look around and attempt to solve real world problems.

Learning at Cottonwood Creek

We visited Cottonwood Creek to help the kindergartens learn about their senses and the brain.  We set up learning stations for them as they rotated around the room.  After we taught them a little, they taught us how they programmed a robot and showed us how it worked. They also showed us how they turned ordinary objects into a computer keyboard. We love our Coppell Education Foundation for funding technology and projects in our schools!  Our high school students were very impressed with these little ones and their ability to code and program!  Click through the images below.

Watch this video as Oliver, K1 student, tells me how the Makey Makey device works to make his giraffe operate the drums on the computer.  SO COOL!

Teaching the World

Our class has an amazing opportunity to teach the world .  Kaya Volunteers and the Ocean Project, two organizations out of the UK, are collectively raising money and providing technology into schools in some of the most impoverished areas of the world.  Our CHS Anatomy learners are currently creating a digital, interactive textbook for these students to use in their schools.  We are collaborating with anatomy students in Kentucky and Minnesota, and science students in New Zealand to create this book.  I am SO proud of the work they have done so far and cannot wait to share the final product with you.  Your kids are so very talented in so many different ways, I love that they get to contribute to such an amazing resource and show off their individual skills.  As soon as the book is live in the iTunes store, I will send a link.  For now, look at some of these outstanding illustrations your students have created on their iPads for use in the book.