Mexican Culture

By: Adil Ali and Campbell Lapuma

Dear Reader

Dear reader,
The Mexican culture has always intrigued me. My dad's side of the family has
Mexican culture In it and I was very interested in learning more about the meaning of
it. Their are many sides and perspectives from different people about Mexican
heritage. One main poem I read that stuck out to me was titled "come to the Puebla".
This story was not only about heritage but it was also about people. People are culture.
The Poem mainly focused on a specific location called the Puebla. The Puebla is a area
that resembles the Mexican culture by being one of the highest tourist sports that
people visit. The poem helped me realize what I mentioned earlier, people are culture.
At the Puebla there is Mexican food, Mexican music, Mexican games,etc. The most
Important thing is the people, none of those things have any meaning without the
people. That's what this poem was trying to convey, along with the other 2 poems that
Were also conveying that the people make up Mexican culture, and all the traditions
Belong to the people. My family is apart of Mexican culture, and I am apart of Mexican Culture. These poems brought a entire different perspective to the heritage of Mexico.


All of the countries in the world have their very own unique culture, which is different from others. In the US, we have a culture made up mostly of being very busy and making as much money as possible. In my country of Pakistan, they have a culture according to following the values of the Islamic faith. In Mexico, one huge part of their culture is family. In a world thats all hustle and bustle, The Mexican culture is all about keeping their family values alive

In the poems and essays that I read talking about the Mexican Culture, many of them had to do with family and family celebrations. In one of the pieces, the author states, “My family always–and I mean every Sunday–had a family dinner in Juárez...” Living in El Paso, the author in this essay wrote about how his, and many other families, would take the trip into Mexico to have dinner as one big family. The respect for one another is shown vibrantly by this. In another piece, the author states, “Giant crowds gather to laugh and cheer” There is a huge festival going on in the Mexican community, the festival of Cinco de Mayo. This is an event where everyone comes together to laugh and play and just enjoy. The author really tries to express how great he feels with these people, how he feels at home, how everything feels like family. Whenever someone feels at home and with family, they are more free and happy with and around those people.

Many people in a lot of countries, forget about family and their values in their daily lives and are a lot of the time not as happy as the ones that do. On the other hand, there is the Mexican culture that stays delightful and energetic because they keep their cultural family values or living together as one alive.


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