Pizza box solar oven

Ashley Collings and Larissa

                                                     Pizza box experiment

We started  of with just a pizza box, tinfoil and a stick to hold the flap ( piece we cut out of the pizza box) up. They experiment was for it to get hot enough to cook smores with; the chocolate melted but the marshmallow not as well as we hoped. We had to think of ideas as a class what would help are oven ( pizza box) to become hotter, there were a lot of ideas such as cover box in tinfoil, paint the box black, make the box smaller,put insulation in the box, cover up the holes in the box to make the heat stay in, put medal at the bottom of the box ect.. we decided to paint the box completely black because black attracts the sun. before we painted it we went outside and did a graph on how the temperatures went up or stayed the same, ours stayed the same for the most of it, it was around 30% the whole time the highest it went to was 32%. After we painted it black it kept going up really quick started at 27% and went all the way up to 47%.I think it worked well but if i were to change one more thing about the project i would tape everywhere so the heat stays in. Its hard to tell how much it actually went up because we did it two different days and they weather was different both days. If i were to do this project again i would make sure it was on the same day because that would really affect the results.

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