Exploration Proposal

England sits in their own backyard, dreaming about ample land, natural resources, and gold. I, Samuel Kinter, can make those dreams come true if King Henry the Eighth provides the necessary money to go explore the New World.

Spain and France have already started exploring, with England as the lone exception. We need to take the opportunity that is right in front of our noses. All England needs to do is give me the required money, and I can guarantee success in this trip. We will find land as far as the eye can see, and bring back enough gold for every citizen in Europe to bathe in. All that glory, and all of that gold, it can all be England's if they flip the switch. However, if we don't act now, the land, gold, and silver that Spain wants will all be theirs while we sit and watch them enjoy their riches.

I realize that no exploration comes without hardships, and I will do my best to protect both my crew and myself on this voyage. On the off-chance that we run into natives or other European countries, we would need to be prepared, which will require ammunition and firearms. I will try my best to avoid such conflict, though, and violence will be a last resort solution. There is a very real chance that we will run into some, though, so we need to be prepared.

If England agrees, of course, than I will leave in 1550, with four medium-sized ships. Headed for Florida, I will need a crew that is used to getting their hands dirty, and not some spoilt gentlemen that won't do their share of the work. I need roughly 100 men, all over the age of 18. I realize that disease may take the lives of some of my crew, so they will need to be healthy, and not an obvious target for sickness. We can't let the French get their tobacco, furs, and sugar while we watch! We need to take action! That all starts by giving me what I need to succeed.

Every year we will need a boat coming with medical supplies, and food. With all of the fertile soil though, I doubt we will need it. We need medical supplies, though, granted if there is any conflict, we will come prepared, but it may not be enough. These supply boats might make the difference between success and failure here, so they will be critical. These supply boats will be our reinforcements for the war against starvation and disease.

We can have everything that England ever wanted, with King Henry the Eighth having so much money he could give a 10,000,000$ tip to his dry cleaner. England will rule the lands once more and be at its rightful spot in the food chain; at the top. I will return from my voyage and spill ton after ton of gold on the streets, giving every person in the country all they ever wanted. They will glorify and praise the leader that supported me all from the start; King James the Eighth. Please consider my offer, and if you do, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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