City Profiles Investigation Plan

Jae Lamb

1. Start with narrowing down the aim of this investigation plan. What do you want to know about income equality? Form 1 main question that can be applied to both cities.

2. Research about income equality itself on a global perspective.

City 1/City 2:

1. Find basic background information on your city, such as

  • A local and international view on the city, to provide more perspective
  • What "kind" of city the city is, such as what role does it have globally
  • What is special about this city?

2. Find 3 or more maps of the city to help you understand the geographical structure of the place of investigation.

3. Form 3 more specific questions that would help you discover the cause, impact/effect and solution of income inequality. Ensure that this makes your investigation easier, not harder; make the questions specific.

4. Find answers and information directly related to those questions through non-wikipedia web pages, new articles sources and data. Local sources would be more reliable.

5. Research upon any actions done related to income inequality as a community, such as organisations/people.

6. Find 2 or more data sets related to the one broad and three specific questions, where one has to be mappable. This will help you understand the the statistics behind income equality directly relating to the respective city.

  • Since the subject of investigation is income equality, it would be suitable to find a gini coefficient graph, which shows the relationship and comparison between the cumulative amount of income and the lowest to highest amount of income. (Gap minder has specific gini coefficient graphs in which Hong Kong has it's own individual set) Gini coefficient graphs from different years can be compared so the change can be documented and investigated regarding the reasons for the change in data.

7. Find at least 1 form of media for each question that would assist in understanding the question on a deeper level.

  • Include photographs of lives of people with lowest income and highest income for a visual comparison.

Don't forgot to document this whole investigation in the form of a process journal; and use all the correct referencing when using information from other people.

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