Branding and Differentiation

By Anita Basra


What makes a good brand:

  • Good customer service- If the business gives you good customer service then the customers would be happy and it is more likely they would visit again, and recommend the service to others.
  • Good quality products- It is necessary that the business had good quality products for example strong, lasts long and meets the needs of the customer, this would make the customers happy and hopefully they would become loyal to the brand.  Such as water,  it needs to have a capable bottle needs to be strong and last long.
  • Reasonable prices- This would attract customers to go the brand because you would have good quality products at a good price, so it wont be over-priced,
  • Reliable company- If the company is reliable you know you can trust the brand, this makes the customer trust the prices and the quality of the products.
  • Social media- Everyone mostly has social media for example Twitter, Facebook, Google+, this means if the customers like the product, they would share to others and then those people would check out the brand. Also the customer can share their experiences with the brand for example, recently a blind lady got banned from Tesco's for bringing a guide dog but with eh help of social media they apologised to her and now she is allowed back in.
  • Recognition- Customers can be able to recognise a brand by social media and the news such as if a business has done a good thing it would come on the news this would make the customers go to the brand and see what they are like.


This means when you compare 2 different companies and make your product stands out from the rest meaning the market.

The benefits that branding and differentiation brings:

  • Make better features- they're better features can improve the product that another brand has this can make it their own product.
  • Get better quality
  • Bring good prices
  • Unique products

Problems that branding and differentiation can bring:

  • Cause customers to leave the brand
  • If customers don't like it they wont recommend it

Branding has the same importance as the product, service quality the price and promotion, this is because all of this makes a brand, which is positive.