Public Safety, Corrections, and Safety

                                       Specifically, I want to be a homicide detective.

Annie Quarles


Providing people with safety against criminal action.

Intelligence Analyst (Detective)

  • Bright Outlook- it's a new and emerging occupation, it will have many job openings.  
  • High-wage: $76,730 annual
  • diploma: Bachelor's
  • projected growth: -2% to 2%

Police Patrol Officer

  • Bright Outlook- it's expected to have a large number of job openings
  • High-wage: $56,130
  • diploma: high school or equivalent
  • projected growth: 3% to 7%

                                                                 Green Careers

Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators- it offers changes in environment.

  • Projected growth: 8% to 14%

Hazardous Materials Removal Workers- it offers different environments and protects the environment.

  • Projected growth: 8% to 14%

                                                          Impact of Technology

  • They use computers a lot to investigate and find evidence
  • They use technology to figure out ways to improve the environment

                                                      10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2014

Enlisted Military Personnel

  • Median salary: $29,00
  • The job is considered stressful because they are responsible for their troop's lives, and the peoples of their country's lives.
  • A military personnel is a protector and a soldier for their country.

Military General

  • Median salary: $196,000
  • The job is considered stressful because they're the commander of the army.
  • A military general is the essential leader of an army or military


  • Median salary: $45,000
  • The job is considered stressful because they need to perform difficult, quick tasks. They are responsible for others' lives.
  • Firefighters are called for emergency situations

Airline Pilot

  • Median salary: $114,000
  • Directs and flies aircraft

Event Coordinator

  • Median salary: $46,000
  • In charge of big meetings and events, the planner.

Public Relations Executive

  • Median salary: $54,000
  • Manages info between corporations

Senior Corporate Executive

  • Median salary: $168,000
  • The "president" of a business, runs the corporation

Newspaper Reporter

  • Median salary: $36,000
  • Debuts interviews or events to the public through the newspaper

Police Officer

  • Median salary: $55,000
  • Protects community from criminal activity

Taxi Driver

  • Median salary: $23,000
  • They transport people through a car.

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