We've Hidden To Long!

Shadow children Unite!

To long have we hidden we must fight for our freedom

Why should we be put in hiding? We must stand up to the government, it was our parents decision to have us, if they want 3 children they must feed 3 children. We have hidden all our lives and been given food, water and love but some haven't only because the parents are to scared to have any evidence. Kids are a gift not sin we should have the right to come out.

Here are some thoughts from some shadow children:

"I think if you let us come out we can help with the crops and food so we can keep on a good supply!" -Liz

"I'm not allowed to go on the internet or touch anything, I will never see the world" -Lile

"My parents put a lock on the A/C!!" -Carlos

"I'm not allowed to go outside" -Luke

Come join us at the rally, we'll march in front of the presidents house to free the shadow children!

By Sophie Howard

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