Nature is Beauty

Being a Transcendentalist is healthy and beneficial to the human's life, soul, and emotional state. While many citizens in today's society view beauty  they imagine materials and the attractiveness of other people. Transcendentalists have less shallow ideas, and tend to think more in depth as they consider the topic of beauty.

What is beauty? Is it the clothes you wear, the way you do your hair, or the decent objects you may own? To a Transcendentalist, beauty is the earth that the Lord himself created. Unlike materials created by humans; nature is raw, coming straight from the hands of God. If you wish to grow closer to him, tread his paths and marvel in the presence of mighty creations, you must spend time alone, isolated in nature.

If you want to live a healthy, happy life, you should be content as yourself. Transcendentalists believe individuality is very important. Do not only be pleased with your appearance, for although it is vital to love who you are, this is not what is most beautiful about you. Your character, morals, beliefs, and intelligence are the intricate details about you that contain the most importance. Die a more decent soul than what you were born, and be the most perfect version of yourself.

Why Becoming a Transcendentalist Is Healthy and Worthwhile

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3 years ago

I agree with the nature part fully. Beauty is not defined by anything, it's what we personally believe. I especially agree with the second part of healthiness & what it portrays. I think this an excellent source & post in general.