Best Foot Forward
By: Joan Bauer


Jenna- Works at Gladstone Shoes in Chicago. Lives with her little sister Faith and her mom. 16 years old.

Tanner- Trouble-maker boy that steals shoes and starts working at Gladstone shoes.

Mrs. Gladstone- Owner of Gladstone Shoes.


Jenna's dad was an alcoholic so she had no other option but to call the cops and turn her dad in. He is not in jail and Jenna fells like it's all her fault.

While Jenna was working at Gladstone shoes, a teenage boy named Tanner Cobb stole four pairs of shoes. His little brother Webster told the workers he does this all the time.

Tanner's sister Yaley returned the shoes the next day and told Mrs. Gladstone (the owner) that Tanner will work at the store to pay off what he stole.

While Tanner was busy working in the back room of the store, his patrol officer, Burt Odder, came in to check up on him. His officer checked through Tanner's book bag and found a pair of stolen shoes. Mrs. Gladstone covered for him and said she gave him the shoes.

Jenna was leaving work to go home when Charlie Duran hit her bumper. Charlie gave Jenna his card. She finds out he works at a donut shop.

Charlie comes in to Jenna's work to ask her what color her car is to fix the scratch he made on her car. He also asks Jenna on a date to a movie and she accepts.

Tanner realized that Gladstone's most popular brand "Rolling Walkings" shoes had labels slapped on with glue and not sewed in like they should. Mrs. Gladstone then finds out the shoes were shipped from Thailand where they run a sweat-shop which she didn't know about. The media finds out that the shoes and it almost runs Gladstone Shoes out of business.

Mrs. Gladstone made a speech to the media saying she is going to make sure all the kids in sweat-shop in Thailand get their pay.


What did you enjoy about this book?                                                                                           This book was enjoyable because it was different from most books. Most books aren't about a shoe store.

Was the ending satisfactory?                                                                                                                I thought the ending was satisfactory because the kids at the sweat-shop got their pay and they aren't selling bad shoes anymore.

What was the theme of this book?                                                                                                 The theme of this book is work for what you have a passion for.

What was the author's purpose for writing this book?                                                                  I think the author's purpose was to inform readers that everyone likes different things so don't make fun of people for liking unusual things.