Muhammed Ali

Muhammed is one the best known and best boxer in the history of boxing.
In fact, Ali is so good that the acronym "GOAT", which means greatest of all time was made because of how good he was.

Muhammed Ali was born as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. in Louisville, Kentucky in 1942. Ali's father was a retired 3-time world heavyweight champion, so at a young age Ali had a boxing influence. Ali's dad was his biggest boxing supporter and helped him through his whole career.

Muhammed Ali started boxing at the age of 12, but boxing wasn't wanted he wanted to do originally at first he wanted to be a cop and an officer told him he needed to learn to fight first, so he started boxing at a local gym. That was the year he won his 1st golden glove match, so that made him the champion of boxing in his age division, but that was just the start.

Since Ali was so good at boxing he decided to make it his career and won the world heavyweight title 3-time just like his dad and won and olympic gold medal for team USA. His boxing career lasted 25 years and was made to retire do to a brain disease, but carried on his life as the president of the World Community of Al-Islam and travels the world in dedication to his religion and islamic work.

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