Anything but Typical

Book by: Nora Raleigh Baskin

Website by: Jared Lorey


Jason Blake is just like any other kid until he turns three. At the age of three Jason is diagnosed with ADHD. It's very hard for Jason to make friends, but one day he does. He writes online stories on a website called Storyboard. While he is writing he meets an online friend, Rebecca. They share lots of stories together and Jason is so happy Rebecca will never see him until one day Jason's parents tell him he is going to a Storyboard convention. He is so overjoyed that he has the opportunity to write at this unique convention. Then he finds out that Rebecca is going too. Luckily, Jason's plane ticket got cancelled, but not for long. His dad finds another plane ticket. He's so worried about going the Storyboard convention and about Rebecca seeing him. When he gets to the Storyboard convention he finds out that Rebecca is blind and there is no need to worry about her seeing him.

Characters: Jason Blake, who has brown hair and ADHD, Jeremy, Jason's little brother, Rebecca, a.k.a PhoenixBird, who is blind, Aaron Miller, sort of Jason's friend, and Jason's mom and dad, who are very protective.

Setting: at school and at home. Jason goes to the Storyboard Convention in Dallas Texas, Rebecca's hometown.

Authors purpose: to inform everybody that even if you're different you're special in your own unique ways, and just because you're different doesn't mean you should be treated different.

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