Brooke Clement's
October PE Project

Option #1

Fuel up to play 60 - 1 point

This was a fun event to participate in. I got to try new ways to get in shape. I also got to try different types of milk and cheeses. Fuel up to play 60 is about getting out and playing for 60 minutes a day. It is sponsed by the NFL. I participated in 16 activites out of 22.

Option #7

Dance - 3 points

This song is called Tonight Tonight! This is one of my show chior dances.

Option #8

Backyard Game - 1 point

This is called kick the can. This game is played at night. The more people you have the more fun. You draw a circle and put your item in the middle. You count to 30 while everyone hids. You look around while the other people playing are  trying to kick the item over. The counter wants to tag them so they don't have to count again. The video will explain how to play.

Option #9

Volleyball skill - 1 point

The volleyball skill I choosed was the set. Their is multiple sets. The bump set, the back set, and the front set. I did the front set. This video will show how to preform the skill and when it is used in a game.  

Option #10

Football skill - 1 point

The football skill I choosed is the spiral. The video will explain how to do the skill and what it is used in a game.

Option #2

Visit a disc golf course - 4 points

I had a fun time at the course. I never went to a disc golf course before. At the course you could see a map of where all the holes were. It was very helpful. It was set up perfectly. There was a table so you could eat or hang out at. They even had a porta pottery there just in case you had to go to the bathroom. There were two garbage cans one for recycling and regular garbage. I liked how all the holes were set up and how there were trails leading to each one. One thing I would change is the long grass. I would have to admit I'm not the best so if I missed one I would have to go a search for it in the long grass behind some holes. It was hard trying to find a disc in long grass. I noticed that there was woodchips over the disc pole hole and that looked very nice. I think when it gets warmer my family and I will be at that course playing a nice game of disc golf.

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