wood-bury was founded by the governor after the outbreak happened, there were only nine survivors when the whole world started ending they didn't have the walls at first they didn't have the security they have now, at first they were only in a apartment room with hardly any food and water and hardly any protection but they went into the national guard to get weapons.

the political and social organization is a dictatorship woodbury is ruled by the governor and nobody can leave at their own will they must first talk to the governor to leave the governor will decide their fate he also decides who will fight in the arena who gets to live where and eat what he also decides if they get electricity he keeps secrets from everyone he does not care who dies as long as hes in power.

their security is a giant wall with citizen soldiers with weapons ready to protect wood bury from walkers and any unfriendly neighbors they have giant spotlights the security on the wall is twenty four seven when they have partys thee wall is on high alert they protect wood bury from everything the governor tells them who can who cant who can come in and who cant.

the curricular activity for woodbury is the fight arena that they do for special occasions they put two people fighting each other being circled by walkers that have no teeth or nails the crowd of people watch and cheer as two people fight to the death and people say they watch it to blow of steam but they actually do it for entertainment to watch people die people act more barbican during these fights they throw rocks at the fighters to make them walk into a walker.   

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