Technology's Impact

How it changed the world

The Global Impact Technology Is Making On The Country

Technology has created numerous jobs for Americans, such as app developing, social media managing, and software developing.  America is also the "largest player in the global Internet supply ecosystem, capturing more than 30 percent of global Internet revenues and more than 40 percent of net income," as McKinsey&Company have stated on their website.

Changes Occurring in Business Thanks to Technology

Thirty years ago, delivering documents to someone out of the office was a grueling procedure.  Now, thanks to the fax machine and email, we won't have to drive twenty miles just to deliver a document.  Also, think about the future.  Years from now, robots will most likely do our jobs.

Advantages to Newer Technology

Some advantages to the newer technology include higher profits (let's face it, that's what we're all shooting at), speedier access to information, and increased productivity.  The increased efficiency produces less costs.  Thanks to the Internet, we won't be combing through a million books to find, let's say, how to get from Tampa, Florida, to Boston, Massachusetts.

Do The Benefits and Risks Outweigh Each Other?

It depends on how you look at it.  According to, "you have to look at the technology itself, and evaluate the potential harms versus the potential benefits."  

Why is Technology Changing the World?

Technology is changing the world in many different ways, but why?  Technology is such a new thing that everybody is trying it.  Now, instead of talking to a speaker at McDonald's, you talk to a real person with an iPad, not a notepad.  Even the police are trying technology!  Whenever it is too dangerous to send an officer into a scene, they can just throw in a robotic camera.

Changes that happened in the past few years with regards to technology

In the past, you could only upload videos to YouTube using your computer, but now you can do it with your phone.  Used to, the size of the computer was ginormous, but now they are considerably smaller.  

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