by: Kiersten Glass

Do you know what sport is called futbol in every other country except the U.S. And does running around and diving on the ground sound fun to you? Read on in this tackk about soccer then.


Soccer is a really fun sport. There are a lot of different positions and gear. You will also learn about what makes a good team and choosing a position.


There are a lot of different positions in soccer. On a normal league there are 11 players on the field. First you have your striker who plays the furthest up on the field. He or she is good at scoring goals. Next you have two offenders. They play mostly on the other team's side of the field. They also help score goals. Next are the three mid-fielders. They play in the middle of the field and usually are really fast. They play for defense and offense. Then there are the center defenders. They are on your team's side of the field but play really up close to the halfway line. They help defend the goal from the soccer ball and have to pay attention. The  you got your far-back defenders. They play the farthest back on the field right in front of the goal. They help the goaly protect the goal but still can't use their hands. The last position are the goalies. They are one of the most important players. They stop the ball from getting into the goal and stops the other team from scoring points. They get hurt a lot but are pretty tough.


There are 6 different pieces of gear. 7 if you are a goaly. The first one is is the soccer ball. Different age groups get different sized soccer balls. Your coach can tell you your size. The next piece of gear is cleats. They help you run faster and are specialy made for kicking stuff. You have to make sure you have SOCCER CLEATS though. Next is shin guards. They protect your shins from the ball going really hard at them. They also help if some body slides into them or kicks your shins. The 4th piece of gear is soccer socks. Those help keep your shin guards in place. It is better if you have your shin guards under your socks though. The 5th is the jersey from your team. The 6th is obviously shorts and the 7th is for goalies only. It is goaly gloves. They protect your hands from hard hits and have a sticky material that helps you grip the ball.

What Makes A Good Team

There are lots of reasons for what makes a good team. First is teamwork. If you don't work well together, then there really is no team. A way to help teamwork is communication. Your other team mates can't read your mind so shout out their name if you are going to pass to them. The next reason is support. Incourage your team mates and give them advice if they are doing some thing wrong. The last reason is skill. All the other reasons are important but your team still has to have a lot of skill.

Choosing A Position

When you are choosing a position you always have to look at what you are good at, what your coach thinks you are good at, and what will be fun for you. So if you run really fast you might be a good mid-fielder. If you are not afraid to get hurt try for goaly. If you can see good openings to score a goal be a striker. Different positions have different needs. Some times you may get shifted around to other positions but you should still try hard in that other position.


Soccer is a really fun sport. There are lots of positions and gear. Plus you saw what makes a good team. Also you learned about choosing a position. With this information you could be the best soccer player ever.


Soccer: A sport that you use your feet to score goals

Position: A spot that you play on your team

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