Wendy's vs. McDonald's

Jazalynn Murray

Unhealthy Meal #1 : Wendy's

Spicy Chicken Go Wrap, Value Fries, Original Chocolate Frosty

-Calories: 890  Grams Of Fat: 36  Percent Of Fat: 36%  Saturated Fat: 13 grams.

Unhealthy Meal #2 : McDonald's

Deluxe quarter Pounder, Medium Fries, McFlurry W/ Oreo Cookies

-Calories: 1610  Grams Of Fat: 69  Percent Of Fat: 39%  Saturated Fat: 25.5 Grams

Healthy Meal : Wendy's

Spicy Chicken Caeser Salad

- Calories: 440  Grams Of Fat: 27  Percent Of Fat: 55% Saturated Fat: 8 Grams

The total grams daily is 92. Wendy's has about a quarter of this amount for the day. McDonalds has over half of this for the day .

The saturated fat is 26 grams . Wendy's has about half of this this . McDonalds has .5 less than this so it is the amount which you can not pass .

The calories from fat are 35% . Wendy's has 1% more than this. McDonalds has 55%.

The grams of fat in the healthy meal is 27 grams this is almost one third of the daily amount.

The saturated fat is 8 grams this is less than half of the daily amount.

The percent of fat is 55 .

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