IT and Business

The benefits of IT

  • you have access to a very good life skill that will help you in the future in the developing world with all the new technology coming in to play you are going to need to know the IT skills.
  • It will help into all most every job you go into will need some form of IT to help with research or maybe just to record stuff like sales or tax or even the stuff that you have brought online and need help to remember.
  • IT teaches you how to use the internet which is a life skill because most lesson are based around it and it also teaches you how to use things like word art or PowerPoint or even excel so that you can record things.
  • you can use IT to communicate between the workplace or even in school but you can use it to send stuff around like work or pictures or stuff the company is buying and selling so they and keep track and others can also use it.
  • You can use the internet to research things that are going to benefit you and your company also if they use your online shop then they can feel safe using it and they don't need to leave their home to come to your home to buy stuff.

Disadvantages of IT.

If you put your credit card details online you run the risk of online fake companies who will take your money and spend it so if you see something asking for your pin then you should not go through it.

if you own a storage server and it breaks and or goes down then you will loose all of your school/ business data and if that happens then you will have to start from scratch.

Its also harder for old people to figure out how to use it so then they don't understand and they cant stay up to speed with new technology and then have trouble with life.