Charlie Chaplin

The Little Tramp of the 20's

"Laughter is the tonic, the release, and the surcease of all pain"

When the 20's came into the scene, so did the "silent era", which was brought on by newly developed silent movies. This "silent era" could have also been considered Chaplin's era, as it is when Charlie Chaplin rose to fame. That fame did not come easy, however. Chaplin lived a rough childhood, one where his father walked out leaving him, his older sister, and his mother. His mother, Hannah Chaplin, was a singer who relied on singing acts to scrape by. When she lost her singing voice, however, the small family was broken apart as Hannah was sent to a mental asylum due to the effects of syphilis and the two children were sent to foster care. When Chaplin was about ten, his father came back into the scene and introduced him to clog dancing, which was the spark of his future career. As he got older and grew as a performer, his talent and wits would steal the heart of fans. The start of his acting career was when Chaplin joined Keystone Studios, which was notable for it's short films filled with slapstick humor. He only rose from there.

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